Art for Africa



The aim of Artists- in -Residency programs- is to provide space,time,accomodations, to Artists And other creative proffessionals ,culture ethusiatics,lovers of art,travellers,tourists,students,couples ,groups, families and holidaymakers and general public in General to reflect,develop their passion. We have strong interest in peoples cultures and heritage both tangible and non – tangible cultural heritage.

The project is Artist led and Run by volunteers and full time Artistic director.


This Residency programme is open to all Artists, academicians, policy maker ,Travellers and general public, private citizen seeking inspiration in a unique environment or wishing to work, study or interact with other professionals and the local community.our centres/Nests- are situated on the sea beaches or along lake shorelines of Africa.

The Residence compromises about 2 – 6 Bedrooms workspace , Bed and 1 bath. There is a minimal monthly fee charge to cover accommodations, work space, internet and establishment of professional contacts in Africa.

We, might also help in media interviews, publicity community workshops or performances, exhibitions if needed by the visiting Artists./creative proffessional or groups.

Professionals in all Art disciples are welcome. We favour projects that will connect with the locals at the end of the stay through performance , work-in-progress,exhibitions, interviews, photograph, documentaries, or donations, legacy, charities.etc